Positive Psychotherapy (PPT)

Help for Self-help

Positive Psychotherapy

The method of Positive Psychotherapy (PPT) belongs to the humanistic, transcultural and psychodynamic psychotherapeutic methods. It is a conflict-centred and capability-orientated method, based on a positive image of Man; that Man is good by nature and endowed with four kinds of capabilities: Physical, Mental, Social and Spiritual. Illnesses and disorders are therefore interpreted in a positive way. Through the use of stories, anecdotes and examples from other cultures.

We encourage clients to give up the passive patient’s role and to take an active role. Hand in hand with us, their family and the environment. The central idea is to work with the current abilities of a person, not a disease, symptom or problem. In the Principle of Hope phase, we will re-interpret your condition in a “positive” way. For instance: Anorexia nervosa is the ability to get along with a few meals and identify with the hunger of the world, or: Sleep disturbance is the ability to be watchful and get by with little sleep.

I started my education in PPT more than 10 years ago, today as well as back then, I am absolutely fascinated by this philosophy! I fully embrace this method in our practice at MirPsychology and it’s been rewarding to see how clients get a different perspective on their condition.

Note: The method of PPT of Dr. Peseschkian is a developed and researched, supported psychotherapy methodology and should not be confused with Positive Psychology.