The Therapeutic Process

You might be new to therapy. Visiting a therapist is a sign of courage and self awareness. Congratulations!

The therapeutic process beings with an intake interview which is about understanding the reasons you decided to seek therapy. I will ask questions and try to gather as much information as possible so that I can properly understand your concerns. I will explain how therapy works; we will discuss confidentiality, safety, privacy, previous experience of therapy (if any). It is important that you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Depending on your state of mind, we will design the right treatment plan. In some cases 10 or 12 weeks therapy is needed, however in other cases longer periods might be more appropriate. In other instances, clients would like to have an ongoing therapy sessions.


  • Therapeutic Sessions (in office) taking place mostly in Leiden, with The Hague and Amsterdam on demand.
  • Online Sessions or E-therapy is a good option for people who are not in position to attend face-to-face sessions. Or in case of relocation, it is sometimes challenging to look for a new psychologist and start the whole process again. Therefore online sessions are an increasingly growing field, and research has proven its efficacy. Although I offer this option, I prefer that the clients have been in therapy with me at least for a while before choosing online therapy.
  • (Student) Coaching ­— If you are not experiencing acute stress and you do not have a specific condition, but you still would like to receive support and a place where you can express your concerns – then coaching is a good option for you. International students or expats face many challenges while living abroad. I can help you overcome personal problems such as relationship issues, adaptation difficulties, homesickness, shyness, social anxiety, fear of failure due to academic pressure, concentration issues, distress about writing your paper, burnout symptoms and more.
  • On Site Therapy — My busy schedule does not allow me to offer this option often, but it does exist. Due to individual reasons, it may be difficult for some people to reach an office. Disease, disability, personal crisis, transport problems, or child care are good reasons. This is especially valid to breastfeeding mothers who have recently given birth to their child and need emotional support to realize their new role and responsibility; or the effects of hormones in the body and mind after an intense delivery. When sessions are provided at home, sometimes the therapeutic relationship can develop quickly. This is because people can be more relaxed in the comfort of their homes. Therapists get deeper insights into how and where people live. As a result, the condition of the client is progressing.


Therapy in The Netherlands and around the world is an expensive service. MirPsychology would like to be positioned as professional and affordable practice, therefore it offers a sliding scheme prices for students and people who have no means of affording therapy, while in despair. I have confidence and trust that there will be no abuse in these regulations. For price inquiries please contact at

  • Regular sessions
  • EMDR sessions
  • Online sessions
  • On-visit sessions

Practical Information

  • MirPsychology follows the ethical code of the Netherlands Institute of Psychology (NIP), which is an established code of ethics based on honesty, openness, respect and trust.
  • Sessions will last 60 minutes (90 minutes for EMDR) and are offered in English or in Bulgarian.
  • We will draw a contract of commitment to therapy and payment.
  • In case of cancellation less than 24 hours before the session the full amount of the payment will be required (except for emergencies). In case of 48 hours cancellation a fee of 20€ will be charged. The cots are mainly to cover the office fees.