About Me

The human psyche is beautiful in its complexity and can be explored in many different ways.

In my therapeutic approach, I use therapies I have knowledge and training about in order to make the best individual option for my clients. I emphasize on unconditional positive regard, trauma healing and self-development.

I completed a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology with emphasis on Pathology and I hold a Master of Science degree in Psychology with further focus on Clinical & Social Psychology from Leiden University. I had the privilege to train in the group of Udi Oren, former director of EMDR Europe, and as an EMDR therapist, I use this effective technique in my practice. I have chosen the broad spectrum of trauma and its healing as a main focus in my work. At the bottom of many disorders is where neglect and abuse “sleeps”, these are scars that might be physical, but emotional scarring includes difficulties throughout life – damaging the sense of self, ability to have healthy relationships, and ability to function at home, at work and at school. These are the fundamental basis on which many conditions are developing.

I was the formal director of Postnatal Support Network , an organization promoting postnatal resting and bonding time for new mothers and babies. A very important cause for me personally and for the empowerment of women globally! I am also a consultant of Positive Psychotherapy from the World Association for Positive and Transcultural Psychotherapy in Wiesbaden, Germany and I represent The Netherlands. I have attended numerous workshops, conferences and trainings focused on Dealing with Traumas, including Psychological First Aid from John Hopkins University. Before establishing MirPsychology, I worked as a student counsellor, where I supported psychologically young people through motivation so that they can achieve their creative projects. I have affinity with international students as they face many challenges while living abroad.

My personal journey in Psychotherapy started a long time ago as I have always been fascinated by people’s life stories and challenges. There is something very powerful about sitting with a person, who is willing to trust you and be vulnerable, talking about the complexity of his/hers internal life. I am honoured to work with my clients through these especially difficult moments.

I work with the person, not with the symptom, ­ with Empathy and with Love.